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Practitioners Q&A 1, Part 1

Friday, 18 April 2014 by

For the very first instalment of this new blog activity, I’m starting with questions from Dalit, from Israel. Hello Dalit, and thank you for your questions! Because your questions are very important to many practitioners, I’ll answer them separately. There is much to say and it would also very interesting to have a conversation with

Awareness is Power

Monday, 14 April 2014 by

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Knowledge is Power.” Awareness is a form of knowledge that can make you stronger, more powerful and even faster.  What, awareness can do that?  Don’t you just need more and harder training to improve?   Whenever you move, be it to get from one place to another, to exercise, to

or  Finding a Context for Resonance The other day, I was privileged to have been part of a wonderful context for deep and meaningful learning. Susan (named changed), who is also a Feldenkrais Practitioner and voice teacher, came to me for a lesson. She had experienced some exciting insights in her singing after having prepared

Last week’s post, “How to Move Beyond Limitations While Staying in the Comfort Zone“ generated quite a bit of interest, and, more questions. One of the questions that came up was: “What do you mean by the comfort zone?” Certainly not, “just taking it easy!” I define the comfort zone as that place in which

While teaching a segment of Dynamic Functional Integration, I had participants gently pushing and pulling each other so they could get a sense of their own self organisation. I noticed, and was intrigued by one student who just didn’t “look” very strong. When it came time to demonstrate some techniques for FI, I asked her

“But in order to get more movement, don’t you have to go beyond what feels comfortable? Otherwise, won’t you just stay stuck in the same place?”   This question came from a student in my Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class the other night. In a Feldenkrais Method, ATM lesson, students are guided through a series