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Here’s a nice post from Seth Dellinger on habit. I particularly like this quote: And it has to do with this distinction between what feels better and what feels familiar.  The failure to make this distinction – the same thing that may make it difficult for someone to quit smoking or end an abusive relationship – can be

Falling, to help others fall

Wednesday, 02 December 2015 by

One of the biggest fears that many people develop as they age is the fear of falling. And there’s much to be feared, broken bones, visits to the hospital and loss of independence by ending up in a nursing home. Unfortunately, the fear of falling can make it more likely that you’ll fall. Fear makes us

I’m often asked why the Feldenkrais Method doesn’t offer any kind of testing, standards for moving or ways of knowing that you’re moving correctly? The main reason for this is that if students are focused on getting something right, or whether or not they can do something, they could miss the process of sensing themselves and

The Feldenkrais Method and Creativity

Monday, 23 November 2015 by

David Monette & Scotty Barnhart on resonance, Feldenkrais This short video shows a nice synergy between trumpet player Scotty Barnhart, trumpet maker David Monette and Feldenrkais Method practitioner Alice Boyd. Mr. Monette builds trumpets very differently than conventional instrument makers and also helps performers with posture and creativity. Each instrument is custom made, so players visit the factory to have

Growth Mindset and Movement

Wednesday, 18 November 2015 by

While teaching groups and private lessons in the Feldenkrais Method, I often run across a more fixed mindset when it comes to movement and learning. Many students and clients will come with some form of limitation or challenge, believing that the cause is age, genetic predisposition, or, accident or injury that caused some kind of

New Parkour Park

Tuesday, 17 November 2015 by

The city of Växjö, Sweden just opened a new outdoor parkour park and it’s very cool.   I was fortunate enough to be able to try it out but there was much more than I could do that evening. There are numerous bars to balance on and hang from, walls and fences to jump over

Some nice ideas on adaptability

Wednesday, 04 November 2015 by

In this short video, the Parkour practitioner, Rafe Kelley talks about how being in nature asks him to become even more adaptable as compared to practicing in the city. The city, he says, is made up of consistent angles and surfaces. In the forest however, nothing is the same. Exploring this way requires much more

Would you like to listen to this post rather than read it? I’ve recorded an audio version that you can play in the player above or download here.   Many, many years ago, while in elementary school, we had P.E. class once a day. There were a variety of activities including dodge ball, kick ball, relay

No surprise here

Monday, 12 October 2015 by

From this article, Digital Fitness is a Digital Misfit it seems that the new and wonderful fitness and health trackers are not the panacea some had hoped for. That’s not a surprise, at least not to me. What’s missing? Awareness, Education and Action Of course in order to keep selling these devices, the producers are

Somatic Vitality Brief #1

Saturday, 10 October 2015 by

Somatic Vitality Brief Musings on somatic practices and building bridges between related and unrelated fields of inquiry. Welcome to the Somatic Vitality Brief. In these briefings, I will share what’s inspiring and moving me, some of my pondering or quandaries, and items of interest in all things related to somatic practice. It is my hope