So Many Questions

Dear Colleagues,

As a developing practitioner, I had countless questions and learned from many mistakes. Eventually I gained enough experience to trust my own answers and now, with many years of private practice behind me, teaching in trainings and my own advanced trainings, I’m able to help practitioners in their development and learning.

I’d like to support you by answering your questions from your ATM and FI teaching in my blog posts and regular newsletter for practitioners. By sharing with others, we can all learn and our practices will benefit.


Every two weeks, I’ll send my answers to your questions in a newsletter so that we can share the knowledge. Your questions will always be welcome, and I hope you’ll join me in exchanging information and learning together in a supportive and safe environment. To make sure you get every issue, click here to subscribe, or, ask your question below and subscribe to the list for answers.

Looking forward to hearing from you, John

Here's the place where you can ask for advice about teaching ATM and FI in your practice.