Online Mentorship

John Tarr, Feldenkrais Practitioner


Get answers and insights to questions like these:

  • Do you have a student who’s not making the progress you, (and/or they) think they could?
  • Do you have someone coming with a request for which you don’t yet feel ready or have experience?
  • Do you have questions about your ATM classes, how people responded, or what lessons to teach?



Contact me an e-mail to make an appointment, for a free 30 minute consultation to find out how this can help you. (also available in German)

Through my experience teaching advanced trainings and mentoring practitioners, I’ve had the opportunity to help many practitioners in my local area. Sharing from my work experience and also what I’ve learned from my mistakes along the way, I’ve been able to help practitioners find solutions and answers for their problems and difficulties, even without being in the same room. You too will find solutions and answers for your questions, challenges and difficulties.

I combine my 20+ years of teaching FI and ATM along with my knowledge of solution focused coaching to help you come up with your own solutions and give you tools for further learning. Sessions can be recorded for your review.*

You have the choice of:
Individual sessions: 60 min. $110
Continuity package: four 45 minute calls per month plus e/mail for three months= $300/month

* As long as we talk over the internet via Skype or Google Hangout. The recording will be posted as a private link for you on my YouTube channel.

 For more detailed information, download this pdf briefing sheet or contact me.

Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation, no obligation.