Want to try the Feldenkrais Method, right now? Scroll down to the mini-lessons and get started.


Move, Feel, & Play Better

To help you to increase your performance abilities, prevent overuse and recover from possible injury, I draw upon several areas of expertise:

1     As a performing musician and teacher, I have many years of study/practice and also use my own performances as a testing ground for my work with you.

2     The Feldenkrais Method explores and clarifies the relationship between thinking, movement and sensing. I use my knowledge and experience from my work as a FM teacher to find the movement patterns causing your problem(s) and/or keeping you from moving forward.

3     Deep Practicing, a technique that enables you to address your problems in the practice room.

4     Solution Focus Coaching to strengthen and reinforce what is already working well, and help you devise strategies for improving what needs bettering.

In order to perform with high level performance skills and achieve their full potential,

musicians need to work to develop their sensing and movement abilities beyond those needed to directly sing or play an instrument. An improvement in musicality also requires a change throughout the whole person, in posture, breathing and kinesthesia (kinesthetic awareness). This also holds true for prevention and/or recovery from pain and injury. In order for solutions, both musical and physical, to be lasting and healthy, they must involve changes in thinking, sensing and movement.

I teach  groups and private lessons. Private lessons directly address your specific needs and interests, helping you find solutions to muscle-skeletal difficulties and musical obstacles.

In groups, participants are verbally directed to explore and seek out new movement possibilities, enabling them to experience the aforementioned benefits. Group courses can also be tailored for a specific subject, institution or setting.


Want to try the Feldenkrais Method, right now?

Here are some short lessons, called Awareness Through Movement that I recorded especially for musicians. You don’t need any special clothing or equipment (just a chair for some of the lessons) and can do them where you’re practicing.

Please listen to the intro before doing the lessons, especially if you’ve never done Feldenkrais lessons before. After that, do the lessons in order and then use the ones that are most useful for you or cycle through them again.
File created with CoreGraphicsIf you like these lessons, you can go more in depth with my “The Dynamic Musician DMS Volume 1Series: Dynamic Stability and Breath, Volumes 1 & 2″ lessons. They can be ordered as hard copy or download from the Achieving Excellence store. If you’re in Europe and want hard copies, e-mail me and I’ll send them to you with payment through PayPal.

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DMS Volume 1


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M. S. (Course participant)
“It’s become very simple, I don’t feel any obstacles. I sing as easily as if I were speaking.“
John Daley Principal Trombone (retired), Colorado Symphony
”Great job. I think what you've done is a solid contribution to musical pedagogy. My sound opened up, the release of my air was smoother and more natural, and tension in general was noticeably reduced.”