My Story

Having worked since 1996 as a somatic practitioner using the Feldenkrais Method, I’ve been able to help many clients find ways to overcome pain and recover from injury or illness. At the same time, my own health began to decline and I felt my mobility and strength fading away, and along with them, the joy of life. I was getting older. All around me, friends, family and my clients seemed to passively accept the notion that as we age, our vitality plummets. I too accepted my slow demise until one day when I caught a wave while paddling my kayak in the ocean. I was hurdled along and literally catapulted out of my stupor (and the kayak). In that moment, I asked myself, “When was the last time you had THAT much fun!?” Realizing that it’d been a long, long time, it was clear that drastic action was needed. I wanted to live again! But how? I began to look for answers. Earlier in life, I had loved many forms of movement, such as martial arts, skiing, running, cycling, strength training and just plain old playing. Lately however, every time I tried to “get back in shape,” I hurt myself. I couldn’t seem to move forward towards my goal of recapturing my liveliness.

I needed to do something differently than just banging myself up under the guise of reclaiming my health and vitality.

As musician, I knew that improvement came slowly, with regular and intelligent practice. I began to apply lessons learned from studying music to my own quest to regain my vitality and love of life. Looking beyond the Feldenkrais Method, I learned that the world of fitness, sports and movement had changed dramatically since the last time I had last stepped into a smelly gym. I began training skill, strength and agility with unconventional methods, as well as utilising my vast experience with the Feldenkrais Method to train more effectively. Not only did I get stronger and more mobile, my self confidence, mood and vitality vastly improved. I began doing things I’d never been able to do before, even as a child. But most importantly, I felt my life-force quickening throughout my body. I felt alive!

Wanting to share with others, I began integrating my discoveries into my private lessons and group classes. Since then, my clients report that they too are rekindling their own personal expressions of health and vitality. One of my greatest rewards in doing this work is to see the smiles spread across clients’ faces when they rediscover their own potential to move more powerfully and with greater strength and agility. And when I hear how that makes for a better life, I sense joy very similar to that moment back in the ocean.