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I have shortened and reposted this blog post because the original wasn’t showing up properly. It’s related to the previous post, “Are you a Floor-Fish?“ Are you “Doing” or “Using” the Feldenkrais Method? At some point, I realised that there’s difference between “doing” and “using” the FM. It was suddenly clear that in order to

Are You a “Floor-Fish”

Tuesday, 26 January 2016 by

I remember once talking to a body therapist about the Feldenkrais Method. She said, (much to my dismay) that it seemed as if  the Feldenkrais Practitioners she knew (I was not included because we had just met, but I will sheepishly admit to having been guilty of this behaviour at times in the past) always

With new discoveries in how our brains function, it has become clear that we can continue learning and growing our cognitive abilities at any age. And while it’s inevitable that, as we age, we’ll lose some abilities, there are ways to delay, and in some cases even reverse the decline. One such method is using