The Feldenkrais Method and Creativity

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David Monette & Scotty Barnhart on resonance, Feldenkrais

This short video shows a nice synergy between trumpet player Scotty Barnhart, trumpet maker David Monette and Feldenrkais Method practitioner Alice Boyd.

Mr. Monette builds trumpets very differently than conventional instrument makers and also helps performers with posture and creativity. Each instrument is custom made, so players visit the factory to have the their instruments adjusted to their particular playing style and body type. Not only will the instrument be adjusted but also the performer. After Mr. Barnhart tries out his trumpet, he’s sent to have a Functional Integration lesson with Feldenkrais Practitioner, Ms. Boyd.

When the lesson is finished, Mr. Barnhart says he feels more vertical. At first it doesn’t seem like so much to him but after a few moments, he feels a big difference. It may be hard to see, but his pelvis has come back a bit so that he’s better supported by his skeleton.

When he plays again, he says he feels more connected and doesn’t want to stop. You can hear the difference in his playing. He goes on to say that he’s been inspired to communicate better with his music. And he is a very accomplished and seasoned musician.

The Feldenrkais Method (and certainly Ms. Boyd’s great work) were part of an integral process leading to more artistic creativity. Some of David Monette’s descriptions of what’s going on between player, instrument, audience and “higher self” may seem a bit esoteric, but it’s one way of describing something that many musicians describe. Musicians often report a feeling of connection to something greater than themselves when performing well.

I’m also not comfortable with Mr. Monette’s claims of how the FM effects the nervous system. Nonetheless, Mr. Barnhart’s comments are very real and describe his own experience, which is what’s really important.

Take a look at the video, you’ll enjoy it and be inspired to connect better yourself.

David Monette & Scotty Barnhart on resonance, Feldenkrais (click here)



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