Technology Addiction can Lead to… more Addiction

by / Friday, 09 October 2015 / Published in Movement Health, Somatic Futures

“Technology addiction may be the next big public health issue.”

Here’s a short article warning that addiction to devices like smartphones and tablets can be dangerous (really?). Some are advocating warning labels and even built in reminders that warn the user that it’s time for a break.

From the article,

“Unlike warning on cigarette packages or vodka bottles, digital warning labels could be interactive, with features like timers and reminders to help people limit their screen time.”

While this interactive warning may appear beneficial at first glance, it seems to me that having your smartphone tell you that you need a break from your smartphone could lead to further dependence.

And who’ll be responsible for determining the safest amount of time? Google, Apple or Facebook?

What if, that warning came as an advertisement? Imagine a friendly voice:

Hi John, you’ve been staring at your smartphone for 30 minutes straight now, why don’t you take a break and walk… down to the nearest Starbucks where your favourite pumpkin latte is on sale. I’ll guide you with google maps. Tap here to get started.

Oh no, not me! I’m not dependent on my smartphone, just all the others who walk around staring at them the whole time.

Enjoy your weekend and some screen free time!

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