Has the Feldenkrais Method become just, “Yoga for Lazy people?”

by / Saturday, 09 May 2015 / Published in Feldenkrais Practitioners

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  1. John – Brilliant! Finger-on-the-pulse piece of writing about position/stage of the Feldenkrais Method. I think you’re spot on as to the method’s position/image in the public eye. And I say ‘stage’ because maybe we’ve been in a long slow development of how to get the work ‘out there’. Perhaps it’s fitting with our approach. So we’ve wiggled around, squirmed and slithered, tested peeling ourselves from the floor, pouring our way up to sitting and all fours, crawling, coming onto our feet and now maybe we’re ready to take our first steps. Stepping into action and ‘bring out the full vigor of one’s ability to do’ – love that! A quick and dirty answer to your question of ‘how’ (and a small plug for my upcoming workshop;-) the use of the eyes is a must! Thank you John, it was a pleasure and look forward to hearing other’s comments on ‘how’.

    • John Tarr says : Reply

      Thank you Diana! It’s funny how your description of our development echoes a phrase that’s been ringing in my head for some time now. “Colleagues, it’s time to get up off of the floor!” You expressed much more eloquently than I just did.

      And yes to the “use of the eyes.” Another slogan might be, “use your eyes! Anyway thanks again for your contribution to this discussion here, and on Facebook.

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