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Last week’s post, “How to Move Beyond Limitations While Staying in the Comfort Zone“ generated quite a bit of interest, and, more questions. One of the questions that came up was: “What do you mean by the comfort zone?” Certainly not, “just taking it easy!” I define the comfort zone as that place in which

While teaching a segment of Dynamic Functional Integration, I had participants gently pushing and pulling each other so they could get a sense of their own self organisation. I noticed, and was intrigued by one student who just didn’t “look” very strong. When it came time to demonstrate some techniques for FI, I asked her

“But in order to get more movement, don’t you have to go beyond what feels comfortable? Otherwise, won’t you just stay stuck in the same place?”   This question came from a student in my Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class the other night. In a Feldenkrais Method, ATM lesson, students are guided through a series

One Key to Lasting Lessons

Friday, 14 March 2014 by

Move into meaningful context. Move from table to action. Move out of trance, into the world.   Feldenkrais Practitioners, have you ever given a good or even great FI lesson, after which your student said how fantastic they felt? Their pain was less or gone, they were more relaxed, felt calmer and more at ease?